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About Cowboys Vintage Firearms

We will offer Shotguns, Rifles, pistols, hunting knives and gun accessories. We specialize in Browning, Colt, and Winchester. We also offer other brand names.

Not only do we sell, but we also buy guns.

The only firearms we purchase to sell are in good to excellent mint condition. We are a high end dealer and very meticulous. The pictures do not do these guns justice. We are not the cheapest company to buy from but if that’s the only complaint you have, then we have done our job. We do not altar the guns. We buy nice guns to begin with. We only buy the best, so we can offer the best.

Do you want us to buy your firearm?

About Cowboy

Image of Cowboy standing in front of a glass gun case

The Olympian King

My name is Michael and I have had a strong interest and love for guns since I was six years old. I personally own the entire collection of Browning Olympians and Browning Medallions and many more. Everything we offer is the best of the best! We chase down high-end rifles, pistols, shotguns, you name it! In 2014 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I always wanted to start my very own Gun Shop but never had the chance. Now is my chance! My staff and I take a lot of pride in our work and only offer the very best. We will work effortlessly to be available for whatever you made need. Whether you are looking to buy or even sell, we are committed to helping you. From my staff and myself, we would like to thank you for taking the time to check us out. We give God the glory for allowing us to make this happen and are very thankful for it all. We look forward to doing business with you!