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The Olympian King


Special Order Olympian Grade Chambered in 30-06 Springfield with Iron Sights

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Time Period Unknown

Price: $15,495 plus $75 shipping

This gun is triple signed by 3 of BROWNING’s master Engravers LS, A. Marechal, and Greco.
This gun was special ordered with iron sights to hunt large game Elk, Black bear, Bighorn sheep, Cougar and Deer. MINT condition. This gun is a true collectible in its true original form. Never has it been altered or restored in any way and comes with the historical letter. This is an honest gun through and through.
Upon our professional detailers inspection the rifling is excellent and shows minimal signs of use. It is EXTREMELY RARE as it is the only Olympian you will find with iron sights on it. Very high collector quality!

The fine staff at Arts Gunshop in Hillsboro, Missouri has done the absolute best work for us. Cowboy talks with their staff on a regular basis. We are not affiliated under no circumstances with Arts Gunshop in any way.
However, with that being that being said, if you are purchasing from any other dealer and have any questions about a guns authenticity, it would be worth it to you to have the dealer ship it to them to have them do a full inspection of that firearm so that you will know exactly what your buying. The staff at Arts Gunshop are by far the best at what they do. They do everything from full restoration to selling guns.
We look to Arts Gunshop as the best in the U.S.  in regard to the services they provide and the work they have done for our shop. Again, we are not in any way affiliated with Arts Gunshop. We only want to share with others their fine work they have provided for us.

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Rifle Caliber: .30-06 Springfield
Manufacturer: Browning
Model: Olympian
Condition: MINT

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